Writing: Letting Go of the Fear.

Growing up I never had a problem watching scary movies or reading scary books.  Roller coasters always made me scream and laugh so much I cried.  So what’s stopping me from trying to move forward as a writer?

I guess the real fear I have is a lack of self-confidence.  Now that was something I always lacked as a child and has continued into my adult life.  It has prevented me from doing many things.  It is the fear of the great unknown, the fear itself of actually trying and making a fool of oneself when unsuccessful.  The trouble is I have a tendency of thinking too much, instead of just getting on with it and doing it.  For many years, for example, I have put off freelance writing just through fear alone.

Writing is something I can do, and always wanted to do.  I have been told that I can write – it’s just a matter of time when I’m going to get published.  My husband believes in me and is very supportive, yet the fear continues.  Sometimes it’s like riding an emotional roller coaster; I’ll beat myself up for being so stupid and get really confident, while other days the self doubt takes a strong grip and refuses to let go.

There have been times when I have refused to let the fear take hold and afterwards, been left wondering why I was so worried in the first place.  As you get older, you don’t necessarily become wiser.  I just don’t want to get older and look back on these opportunities with any regrets.  Funny, how I have to resort to an advertising slogan to help me.  ‘Don’t just dream about it – do it!’

2 thoughts on “Writing: Letting Go of the Fear.

  1. I have the same problem, and my hubby also supports me…Like today, I understood my math, felt 100% about it…some how I managed to get a 25% on my test!!! That’s like a H- or something!! I think because of failure we have fear and that is something that reminds us why we have the fear and keeps us from moving forward.

  2. Maths was always my worst subject and I believe my son has picked up his fear of maths from me. There have been many times I have felt positive about something, only to have my hopes dashed. I have a tendency now to think what’s done is done. Anything that happens afterwards is out of my control, and move on to something else.

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