Marsden Hall Series

The Curse of Marsden Hall: Marsden Hall 1

Some things are better left alone.

Australia, 1875.

Successful businessman, Richard Marsden, is going to marry his sweetheart and has built the house of his dreams. Despite the scenic location, Richard’s house in the Wolfrose Mountains sits on land with a chequered past, one full of violence, witchcraft, and murder. He does not believe in curses or superstition.

When something unexpected happens, he wonders if the land he built on is indeed cursed and begins to question his own sanity.

Meanwhile, someone or something is watching… waiting.

The Curse of Marsden Hall is the first in a series of novellas.

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‘Spooky, historical novella. It’s a joy to read. This is Johansson’s best work yet. Five ghostly stars!’ – Amazon Review

‘A short, sharp novella of the Gothic persuasion. It’s a fine addition to the genre.’ – Goodreads Review

The Stranger Within: Marsden Hall 2