My Books

For many years, I could never work out exactly which genre I wrote in. As I read in multiple genres, my writing would gravitate towards a variety of genres as well. Horror, romance, historical, mystery/suspense: I tried them all. It’s only in more recent years that I’ve come full circle, returning to the genre that I was drawn to from a very early age (although I still write in these other genres).

One of the reasons why I enjoy Gothic Fiction so much is it incorporates other genres, and therefore gives it more scope to tap into various themes. Two recurring themes for me are mental illness and gender issues, such as the status of women in society (which works well in a historical setting).

You can find out more about my books here on my website, or visit my author page on Amazon, Goodreads or BookBub.


I’m so glad I didn’t read this novella alone at night.

Amazon Review, House of Echoes

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