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The Stranger Within: Marsden Hall #2

Dreams don’t always come true.

Australia, 1880.

Young governess, Louisa Campbell, yearns for love and dreams of a better life. She wants nothing more than a happy ever after. When the man she loves denies her that dream and tries to discredit her, she faces an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, the ghosts of Marsden Hall begin to stir, and a restless spirit traps Louisa in its wake. For Marsden Hall has secrets of its own.

Will those secrets destroy her chance of happiness?

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‘Loved it! The reader will wonder at times as to what and who is real. The book had a very unexpected ending and if a book can give me an emotional response, it deserves my 5-star rating.’ – Goodreads Review

‘It will have you sleeping with the lights on. It is a great spooky story that will make you jump at shadows long after you have finished reading. If you enjoy ghost stories, you will love The Stranger Within.’ – Goodreads Review

The Stranger Within is a spooky Gothic novella. I highly recommend it for fans of ghost stories and historical tales.’ – Amazon Review

The Curse of Marsden Hall: Marsden Hall #1

Some things are better left alone.

Australia, 1875.

Successful businessman, Richard Marsden, is going to marry his sweetheart and has built the house of his dreams. Despite the scenic location, Richard’s house in the Wolfrose Mountains sits on land with a chequered past, one full of violence, witchcraft, and murder. He does not believe in curses or superstition.

When something unexpected happens, he wonders if the land he built on is indeed cursed and begins to question his own sanity.

Meanwhile, someone or something is watching… waiting.

The Curse of Marsden Hall is the first in a series of novellas.

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‘Spooky, historical novella. It’s a joy to read. This is Johansson’s best work yet. Five ghostly stars!’ – Amazon Review

‘A short, sharp novella of the Gothic persuasion. It’s a fine addition to the genre.’ – Goodreads Review

The Ghost at Willow Creek

A child’s death. A grieving mother. A marriage in turmoil.

Australia, 1886.

Eleanor Mitchell continues to grieve two years after the death of her young son. She begins to hear noises in the middle of the night of a child at play. The house she once cherished now fills her with fear.

Eleanor’s husband, James, believes it’s time to move on, but his wife’s talk of ghosts has him worried about her state of mind.

Has Eleanor lost her grip on reality, or does she really hear the ghost of her dead son?

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‘A beautiful story. Loved it!’ – Author, Annie Seaton.

‘An eerie ghost story. Four big stars.’ – Amazon Review.

‘Good Gothic short. Eerie and haunting. Loved the Australian setting.’ – Goodreads Review.

Legacy and Other Short Stories

From the Australian bush to the streets of Sydney, this collection of short stories will stay with you after you’ve closed the book.

Young schoolboy, Jonathan, needs to test his skills to continue his father’s legacy. He has chosen new boy, Shaun, to help him.

School friends decide to swim in a coastal lagoon, but innocence soon turns to terror.

A night worker returns home to find she is not alone. Can she defend herself before it’s too late?

Young office worker, Karen, believes Daniel is the love of her life. There is only one problem… his girlfriend.

A young housewife invites family over for tea, but entertaining is far from her mind.

Young couple, Leanne and Jeff, explore the Australian bush and discover a hidden oasis. But is there something lurking in the shadows waiting for them?

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‘Quirky tales that will stay with you after you’ve closed the book.’ – Amazon Review.

‘Solid writing, dark themes.’ – Amazon Review.

‘This one doesn’t disappoint. Looking forward to another book.’ – Goodreads Review.

‘Entertaining short stories from a talented author.’ – Amazon Review.

First Christmas

Christmas spirit comes in the most unexpected ways.

In 1916, young newlywed, Caroline Owens spends her first Christmas alone. Or is she?

Shy nurse, Linda Graham, struggles with a tragic loss. Can a ghost help restore her broken heart?

These two short stories are a quick read, especially for Christmas.

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‘Christmassy and sweet. Gave me that feel-good romance vibe.’ – Amazon Review.

‘Full emotion and characters, very good writing. I enjoyed these and will reread them again.’ – Amazon Review.

‘Lots of emotion packed into a short story…I was left wanting more.’ – Amazon Review.