Short Stories (Gothic)

The Ghost at Willow Creek

A child’s death. A grieving mother. A marriage in turmoil.

Eleanor Mitchell continues to grieve two years after the death of her young son. She begins to hear noises in the middle of the night of a child at play. The house she once cherished now fills her with fear.

Eleanor’s husband, James, believes it’s time to move on, but his wife’s talk of ghosts has him worried about her state of mind.

Has Eleanor lost her grip on reality, or does she really hear the ghost of her dead son?

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‘A beautiful story. Loved it!’ – Annie Seaton, Author.

‘Slow-burn perfection. Eleanor’s grief journey is brilliantly told.’ – Amazon Review.

‘Good Gothic short. Eerie and haunting. Loved the Australian setting.’ – Goodreads Review.

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