From My Writer’s Desk.

I always like to hear how other writers write.  Lately I have seen where other writers do their work – a little nook in their backyard, an office, a café.

So here I present to you where I work.  Wait for the drumroll.  Yes, it’s a …

dining table!

Yes, the very room where the Johansson family eat, argue, play cards and board games, also happens to be the very room where I write and study.  I must say it’s an improvement from working in a caravan.

The caravan made me a victim of the weather – either it was too hot or too cold.  The table was not big enough to accommodate all my work.

After complaining to management about my working conditions, I moved into the dining room.  Here I have the creature comforts of air conditioning, easy access to tea making facilities, bathroom, a comfy chair in the lounge room and CD player.

I know it would make life easier if I had an office so that I can leave everything strewn around the room and close the door.  As it is, I pack everything away before the kids come home from school.  I know my work is done for the day, and I can put my ‘mum’ cap back on again.

The caravan may well become the designated area for my son when he’s older.  He has his eye on the caravan, while I have my eye on his bedroom.  It’s a fair exchange.

Images by Debbie Johansson.

2 thoughts on “From My Writer’s Desk.

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! Yes, your son’s bedroom vs. the caravan…far better trade 🙂

  2. Thanks Karin. I’m looking forward to the move.

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