New to Writing? Start Small.

I  was never big on new years’ resolutions.  Whenever I made one, they usually never lasted longer than a couple of months, so why should 2010 be any different?

Looking over my accomplishments during 2009, although a busy year, it came as quite a shock to realise I had not written anything other than essays for my study.  I feel like a fraud in calling myself a writer.  My studies somehow managed to overtake my life during 2009.  The trouble was (as is always the case for me) the issue of time management.  Surely, I could have managed to squeeze some of my own writing in somehow?  It’s a question of priorities, and seeing in the New Year will also see in some changes.

Sometimes I rush right into things without considering the consequences.  Other times I take too long to come to any decision, and the opportunity is wasted.  This is my second attempt at University studies and I intend to make it to the end this time around.  At the same time, I have every intention of making it as a writer.

I know now that in order to see the big picture, I have to start small.  Things like writing poetry and short stories, editing and re-writing novel drafts, researching, and writing plot outlines are all small steps in the road to publication.  I have been published in smaller publications before.  It gives me hope and the will to keep going forward, one small step at a time.

2 thoughts on “New to Writing? Start Small.

  1. Alot of writers have advised my to write several short stories, and I do agree. Several shorter completed pieces can teach you many of the same things as novels, but with greater opportunity for experimentation. And I think readers like to see a variety of writing pieces, to gauge the writer.

    1. Debbie Johansson 27/10/2016 — 3:22 am

      Hi Adam. I agree with what you say about shorter pieces. I’ve always enjoyed writing the short story form as it’s a great way to get our ideas across using less words (which is a handy skill to learn). As they’re quicker to write this helps in getting our work out to publishers and readers. I wish you the very best of luck and have fun! 🙂

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