Helpful Editing Techniques.

Here are some editing techniques given by Debra Adelaide that I have been using since I attended the Write Around the Murray Festival.  I have been finding them very helpful, and have even been using them on my short stories.  To read more on these editing tips, visit my website.

1st Reading:

  • Don’t make corrections, just mark it and keep reading.

2nd Reading:

  • Concentrate on cutting.

3rd Reading:

  • Concentrate on adding material.

Other tips include:

  • Always work from hard copy.
  • Space it generously to allow for endless scribbling.
  • Print in another font (so it won’t be so familiar).
  • Take it to another place where you normally don’t write.
  • Use a strongly coloured pen to make corrections.

Final and Most Important Tip:

  • Give your work time: ignore it for as long as you can, then return to it with a renewed critical eye.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. The final one is important. Giving yourself a chance to move on and then coming back to a piece.

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