Do You Have a Pet as a Writing Buddy?

After eight years, the time has finally come to get another writing buddy of the four-legged variety. It has been something I had put off for a while because I just wasn’t ready and I never thought I would get another dog after our last one, Dana, had to be put down.

We got Dana as a puppy, back in 1995 and after my son was born, they were great playmates. Both my children grew up with her and I wondered how they would take the news. Dana had become disorientated, blind, deaf, walked into walls and sometimes would fall off the back ramp. She was going downhill rapidly, and I had no wish to remember her that way. My son, being the eldest, took it pretty badly, which upset me even more. The night we put her down he wrote her an epitaph on a piece of paper: ‘3/1/11 Dana was and always has been a good FRIEND’.

It took all of us a long time to get over it (hence the eight years), and with an awful lot of pestering from our son, we have finally buckled.

We now have another dog of the same breed (a Pomeranian) and is a male puppy, which we have yet to name. The first few days had certainly been a bit chaotic, and in all honesty, I wondered if we had made the right decision. I can see the same or similar characteristics with this dog as Dana had so it may take me a bit longer to adjust as she was my baby (yeah, I’m a big softie). Perhaps once we get past the toilet training phrase, things might get better. 😉

My writing routine has certainly been put out of whack, but I think (I hope) things are beginning to settle down. As my kids are now older and this is really my son’s dog, it’s good to know that they can share some of the responsibilities.

If nothing else, it’s a good way for me to get some writing breaks. 😉

Do you have a pet as a writing buddy? Did it ever take you a while to adjust to a new pet?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Pet as a Writing Buddy?

  1. Omg, when we got my Gus I thought I was going to die. We had two 6 year old dogs and I begged my husband to let me get this little tiny Chihuahua puppy. He was so little I actually had to get up with him every 3 to 4 hours during the night to feed him so he wouldn’t get hypoglycemia and he was so little he was sleeping on my chest and I got zero hours of sleep that whole first week. I thought I was a zombie I couldn’t even figure out what my own name was by the end of the week. But now he is my best buddy I can’t imagine not having him. It will get better give him a name that’ll help.

    1. Debbie Johansson 17/04/2019 — 4:15 am

      Oh wow, Lauren, what you had to go through! That’s so good of you to have done that and I’m glad to hear that you have both survived it all. Things are starting to settle down now. We’re still working on a name, so hopefully, we’ll get that sorted soon. 🙂

  2. Yes. Max is a lab cross and has just turned thirteen. Every day is a blessing. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    1. Debbie Johansson 18/04/2019 — 4:33 am

      That’s great Anna! Happy Birthday, Max! 🙂

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