One of Life’s Little Detours.

Destinationroad smallerA few years ago, my family and I made the long drive to attend my husband’s graduation.  Everything was organised, the journey mapped out; I knew where I was going.  I was so focused upon the destination that when my husband suggested we make a slight detour, I became annoyed.  My husband wanted us to see a particular rainforest that he had visited once before on one of his University trips.  It would add more time to get where we needed to go.  Somewhat reluctantly I agreed, not knowing, when, if ever, we’d get the opportunity again.

The scenic detour took us up long, winding hills, where our surroundings were becoming densely wooded, colder and wetter.  The further up we drove, the more surreal the situation had become.  Below was a clear, sunny autumn in this part of Australia, and when we finally reached the top, it had suddenly become a wet winter’s day.  Stepping out of the car we quickly found ourselves cold, with moisture dripping off our hair and down our noses.  The further we walked into the bush, I really didn’t care – we had walked into a fantasy land.  I felt like a child once again, my imagination took hold and I was obsessed with taking numerous photos.  My husband knew I would like it and getting back into the car, I was reluctant to leave.

For a short time I had taken my eyes off the destination and enjoyed the journey.  Sure, it’s good to be focused on what we want to achieve in life, but sometimes we can become a victim of tunnel vision, that we miss what else life has to offer us along the way.  The journey can take us onto different paths and new situations, and by doing so, we learn and grow.  By taking the occasional detour, it can help make our destination better, stronger and much more rewarding.

Are you a victim of tunnel vision? What detours have you taken towards your goals?  Have they helped you in any way?

Image by Debbie Johansson.

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