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A Month in Blogs – August 2015.

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This month a touch of spring is in the air at long last, however, those winter frosts and rainy days refuse to give up just yet. This month, I’ve found some helpful blog posts on writing, blogging and social media. Happy reading!

Atulya Bingham at The Alliance of Independent Authors

Book Marketing: How to Use Your Blog to Reach Readers for Your Books

Anne R Allen at Anne R. Allen’s Blog (with Ruth Harris)

Why Social Media is Still Your Best Path to Book Visibility & What Should a Novelist Blog About? Do’s and Do’nts for Author-Bloggers

K.M. Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors

New Story Ideas Distracting You From Your Book? Find Out What You Should Do

Susan Kaye Quinn at Writers Helping Writers

5 Tips for Success as a Self-Published Author

John Yeoman at Writers’ Village Wicked Writing Blog

Is It Worth Being An Author? (Truly?)

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