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A Month in Blogs – July 2015.


This month saw some good snowfalls in the Eastern States of Australia, and we were surprised to see that snow had fallen in our town. Years ago when we moved here, we were told it doesn’t snow – so this year the weather proved them all wrong! This month I’ve found some helpful blog posts to keep you motivated. Happy reading!

James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

From Failure to Success in Writing

Jami Gold

Are You Dreaming or Doing?

Shawn Inmon at Indies Unlimited

If I Was Starting Over as an Indie Publisher

Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Writing Habits and Routines, Filling the Creative Well and More Tips on Writing and Productivity

Michelle Rene Goodhew

Is Short Story Writing Something You Should Do?

Kristen Lamb

No Success Without the GRIND & Is “Motivation” Useless? Are “Opportunities” Overrated?

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