3 Things Social Media Can Teach Writers.

social mediaLike many writers, I tend to get lost in the vortex that is social media. It can be an endless time waster, however, lately I have come to appreciate that social media has helped me as a writer in a couple of ways.

The two social networks that have opened my eyes the most are Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how:-

1. The Need to Get Out More

Instagram has been great in this regard. Instagram helps you to move away from your desk, out of your seat and moving. People don’t always want to see what’s going on at your writing desk. Get active and take photos of the great outdoors, whether it is a trip, your local coffee shop, out walking or just in your own backyard. Show what your life is like as a writer in more ways than one. Not only does this help you as a writer, but your readers/followers get to know you as a person through the pictures you take.

2. Learn to Get ‘Up Close & Personal’

As an introvert, Facebook has made me realise I need to learn to break down some barriers and get a bit more personal. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find this to be the biggest challenge of all when it comes to social media. Of-course you need to set your own boundaries (I won’t show photos of my kids for example), and only post what you feel comfortable with. Again, your readers/followers will appreciate your efforts, pulling down that invisible barrier and making you more approachable.

3. Do What You Feel Comfortable With

Like getting up close and personal with what you post, you also need to feel comfortable with the social networks you are using. When told to start building a platform, many new writers tend to place themselves on numerous social networks. I did this myself, and speaking from my own experience I soon learned that (a) being on too many social networks can become overwhelming and (b) you get to learn which social networks you like best. It’s taken me a few years, but I think I’ve finally figured that all out, which goes to show that building a platform takes time.

What have you learned from social media? Which social media network/s do you like the most/least? Do you feel comfortable with being personal with strangers? 

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6 thoughts on “3 Things Social Media Can Teach Writers.

  1. timamarialacoba 17/06/2015 — 11:01 am

    Great article, Debbie. Social media is important, but it can dominate all your time, too, and take way from other things, such as writing. It’s taken me two years to learn how to divide my time between facebook, twitter and my blog, and thereby save my sanilty, lol!

    1. Debbie Johansson 18/06/2015 — 2:07 am

      Thanks Tima. Social media does takes time away from our writing, but is thankfully something that can be managed. It certainly is a learning curve, which is why I now only do what I’m comfortable with, giving me more time to write, read and learn more about the craft. Besides, I can’t leave all those voices and stories inside my head without going loopy. 😉

      1. timamarialacoba 18/06/2015 — 9:36 am

        Absolutely, lol!

  2. I have the most connections on fb, but I like Twitter for news and very short updates. I use Instagram because younger friends and family like it a lot; it’s not my fave by far.

    1. Debbie Johansson 01/05/2016 — 6:29 am

      Hi bethgoffolson. I agree with you about Twitter. I think it’s a helpful site when it comes to keeping up to date with the news. I guess I’ve really taken to Instagram because I’m a bit of an amateur photographer. I’m still trying to figure out Facebook, though, but I do know it’s definitely a great time waster! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      1. On Facebook I block a lot of stuff from my newsfeed so I only see the stuff I want to see.

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