Defining Your Goals: Learning to Say ‘No’.

I’m afraid I’m one of those people who say yes to a lot of things and more often then not, later wonder why I said that in the first place.  I’m a ‘people pleaser’, and unfortunately, people have tried to take advantage of that, only for me to eventually put my foot down.

So when I was asked to do some more paid work, I was seriously considering the matter.  Then my husband told me specifically not to.  The reason being, quite simply, that my University studies begin again in a matter of days.  This semester I will be doing three subjects; a task I have never done before.  It practically equates to full time work, and I will also be trying to get some writing done at the same time.  It seems I will have my work cut out for me already without having to add anything else to it.

Recently I have been reading The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen.  In it, she states that in order for us to say ‘no’, we must first know what we want to say ‘yes’ to.  I’m beginning to clearly define my goals; going back to working in an office is not one of them.

What have you said no to this year?

2 thoughts on “Defining Your Goals: Learning to Say ‘No’.

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Glad you’ve learned to say NO to the right things and YES to writing!
    I had to make a similar decision and say NO to organising a Writer’s festival :))

  2. Hi Karen,

    Good for you! It’s not always easy to knock something back, but sometimes you’ve got to stand back and ask yourself what’s in it for you.

    Keep making the right decisions for your writing career! 🙂

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