A Practice in Time Management.

Recently, I received a call requesting I do some more casual work.  Coming towards the end of the school term, I was a bit reluctant; however it was arranged for me to do this particular job from home.  It was the perfect situation to be in, yet it left me wondering how I was going to get any writing done.

I remember reading once that in order to be happy, one must take the time to do what they enjoy doing.  Therefore, as I tend to be a morning person, I prefer to do as much writing as possible then.  But where would this leave my paid work?  I’d be foolish to squander my time if I was getting paid by the hour.  Fortunately I was told that this job was a case of do what you can, when you can, so it’s completely flexible.  As I’m working from home and have no set hours, who is to know that I could be doing some of this work during the evening?

Next year, I plan on returning to studying part-time.  Working from home gives me the opportunity to practice my time management skills.

Free image by Graeme Weatherston courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.com

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