A Stubborn Writer.

In my household we are each named after a particular character from the Mr. Men Show.  I am lovingly referred to as ‘Mr. Stubborn’.  Okay, yes, I admit I am stubborn (I can thank my Scottish father for that one).  My mother told me once that I was very determined and very, very obstinate.  I think she said it to me in an effort to change my ways.  Instead, I wear it as a sort of badge.  After all, aren’t these some of the traits an author needs in order to succeed?

A stubborn writer:-

  • Decides that if they are going to be a writer, then they are one.
  • Refuses to give up, despite the number of rejections.
  • Continues to write, even though they may think their writing sucks.
  • Refuses to see that their writing sucks (until they are politely advised not to read their work through rose tinted glasses).
  • Persists in believing they will ‘make it’ as a writer one day.

How stubborn are you with your writing?

Image by Debbie Johansson.