The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

I had known for a while that Netflix was making a series of The Dark Crystal and wondered when it was going to come out. The teaser for the new series was released recently and I’m super excited over this news!

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal was a film I remember seeing at the cinemas with my best friend at the time when it was released back in 1982. And doesn’t saying that make me feel old! 😉

I grew up on Sesame Street and The Muppets, so I always enjoyed puppets. I was fascinated by how they were made and how they all worked. The puppets used within this film were quite remarkable and I learned to appreciate Jim Henson’s talents.

When my children were old enough, I watched the film with them. My daughter was interested in rocks and gemstones at the time, so it seemed appropriate. The film certainly left an impression upon them, as all these years later, they remember it well. They both seemed freaked out by the Skeksis and even now my son refers to them as ‘creepy’.

The series is a prequel to the movie, set on the planet Thra. The story follows three Gelflings, who uncover a plot by the Skeksis to amass power, leading them to start a rebellion.

The teaser looks amazing and I’m so glad it remained faithful to the original film. The series premieres on Netflix on 30th August 2019.

Have you ever watched The Dark Crystal, and will you be watching Age of Resistance? Does this bring back memories of your childhood? Do you find the Skeksis creepy?