My University Challenge.

Earlier this year, I did something with my studies I had never done before.  I had undertaken full time studies during the first semester and found it quite a challenge.  Undertaking three subjects with a household and children to look after, I never really got the time to do any writing and very little in the way of reading for pleasure.  So, here I am again, putting myself down for the same challenge for the beginning of 2012.  Why?  Quite simply, I only have seven more subjects to do and then I’ve finished study altogether.  The sooner I finish, the better it will be; I will have a life again and have more time to write.  For me, these are the reasons why I continue to study:-

  • To prove to myself (as well as others) that I can do it.
  • To assist with organisational skills and meeting important deadlines.
  • To improve my writing skills.
  • To learn.
  • I’m almost done!

Another interesting challenge is that my University has now changed to trimesters.  I have chosen to do one subject during trimester three, which is during October to the end of January 2013.  Yep, you guessed it – right in the middle of the Christmas school holidays (oh well, at least it’s only one subject)!

Due to financial insecurity within my household, even this close to earning my degree, I did think of chucking it all in.  My husband, on the other hand, refused to hear of it.  If he had to wear one of those outfits and look like a complete idiot for his graduation, then it’s only natural that I should do the same – even if he has to drive me all the way.  Now there’s dedication for you! 🙂

I trust you will understand that my posts earlier next year may become a bit erratic, however, I still intend to post on a weekly basis.  I guess from now on, instead of working smarter, I shall just have to work harder.

Image of University New England by Debbie Johansson.