Writing: Take Time Out for Inspiration.

Since I commenced study back in February, I have found myself snowed under with the workload (hence the slackness with my blog).  As I have never studied three subjects a semester before, I am finding it quite difficult to cope with.   It has got to the stage where I am now studying practically seven days a week, day and night.  Why so much?  I’m afraid I feel that in order to get good marks, I have a tendency to put in more than is required of me.  This workload has got to me at times that I have considered giving up, but I know that what all I really need is a break.

During these school holidays and in the midst of writing up an essay, I have managed to take some ‘time out’.  This has given me time to reflect in order to persevere until the end of May when my studies will be over for this year (and it’s not that far away now).

I’ve managed to find some inspiration from some of these quotes.  I hope you do too!



Inspirational Quotes on Writing.

While scrolling the internet recently, I encountered this video on YouTube.  Some of these quotes I have not heard before, and there is some great photography as well.  I especially like the quote from Sinclair Lewis.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration in our lives.  I hope you manage to find yours.


How Music can Help Your Writing.

I love music.  Mind you, I couldn’t play an instrument or sing a tune even if you paid me, but what I love the most is the different levels of emotions both music and song lyrics can evoke.

Music is a great stress reliever, and sometimes when I need inspiration for my writing, I turn to music.  Here are some things that I found have helped me:-

  • When having trouble facing a blank page, turn on some classical music or music from a movie.
  • Listening to the lyrics of a sad song, can help with a sad scene or a romantic novel.
  • Certain songs can evoke anger, which can inspire the determination to keep on writing after facing a rejection or help laugh in the face of doubters.
  • Listening to music on headphones while out walking helps calm the mind and aids the imagination (just don’t forget the notebook).
  • Watching music videos can help inspire things like moods, characters and themes.  Gothic videos always work for me.

For my studies last year, I wrote an essay on music and politics, which ended up being one of my best essays during my 2 ½ years of study.  So next time you listen to music, you’re not just relaxing, you just might be working on your next story.