‘House of Echoes’ Now Available!


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It’s release day! 🙂

House of Echoes, the third and final book in my Gothic horror novella series, is now available on Amazon. It’s at a reduced price until 12 March, so be sure to grab your copy!

In celebration of its release, two of my other books are on special for two weeks only. The Curse of Marsden Hall, the first book in the series, and my short story, The Ghost at Willow Creek.

If you’re looking for even more ghostly reads, I’ve joined forces with other authors on BookFunnel. The books are a mix of stories, including romantic, heartwarming, and, of course, terrifying. But each contain a ghost or two.

Now, I’m off to celebrate and start working on something new! 😉

Be careful what you wish for.

 Sixteen-year-old Julia McKenzie craves the approval of her absent father, a widower who has recently remarried. But Julia distrusts her stepmother, who is the cause of so much suffering and local gossip.

Her father’s residence may be the idyllic location to start a new life, but Marsden Hall is far from peaceful.

As the house gives up its ghosts, Julia finds herself confronting restless spirits, including one who wishes to communicate with her…one who is seeking revenge.

* * * * *

House of Echoes is available now on Amazon.

You can find out more about the series, and my other books, by visiting my books page.

What Do You Like Best About Gothic Fiction?

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Haunted houses, eerie landscapes and forbidden secrets: ever since the publication of The Castle of Otranto in 1764, Gothic Fiction may have received its fair share of detractors, but it has gone on to become a very versatile genre.

For many years, I could never work out exactly which genre I wrote in. As I read in multiple genres, my writing would gravitate towards a variety of genres as well. Horror, romance, historical, mysteries: I tried them all. It’s only in more recent years that I’ve come full circle, returning to the genre that I was drawn to from a very early age (although I do still write in other genres).

I think I’ve managed to avoid my characters doing this. I might have to try it sometime!

One of the reasons why I enjoy Gothic Fiction so much is because it incorporates other genres, and therefore gives it more scope to tap into various themes. Two recurring themes for me are mental illness and gender issues, such as the status of women in society (which works well in a historical setting).

I grew up watching horror films and have always been fascinated by the paranormal (ghosts being my favourite), so I am naturally drawn to stories that contain these elements. I enjoy the suspense built within them, eager to keep turning the pages or watching to see what lurks within the shadows. As the setting is an important characteristic of the Gothic genre, this helps heighten the feelings of dread.

Gothic fiction is also highly emotional, which is why it works extremely well with romantic elements. Throw in a flawed, brooding hero and I’m sold. 😉

The BBC production of Jane Eyre is my favourite.

Death is a constant companion within the genre. I’ve had a morbid fascination about the subject from a young age (regular family visits to the local cemetery may have something to do with it). It is one of life’s great mysteries, and being naturally curious, I really enjoy a good mystery too!

Gothic Fiction has many characteristics, and as you can probably tell, I’m fond of all of them! Recently, I’ve heard that the Gothic novel is ‘coming back.’ For me, it never left.

For those who celebrate – Happy Halloween! 🙂

What do you consider the best characteristics of your favourite genre? Have you struggled to find your genre when it comes to writing? Do you have a favourite production of Jane Eyre?

‘The Stranger Within’ Now Available!

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It’s time to bring out the champagne because I’m ending the year on a bit of a high with the release of my fifth book. Yes, my fifth (although, mind you, my idea of celebrating is planning my next writing project).

The Stranger Within, the second novella in the Marsden Hall series is now available!

I’ve received some early feedback from advanced readers and word is – they love it!

Many thanks to my advanced readers and those of you who have pre-ordered their copy. Also, a very big thank you to those of you who have been with me throughout my writing journey on this blog over the years. Honestly, I wouldn’t have got this far without your support (and of-course my wonderful husband).

You can get your copy on Amazon for only $1.50AU/$1.06US. It is the second story in a series of stand-alone novellas.

Dreams don’t always come true.

Young governess, Louisa Campbell, yearns for love and dreams of a better life. She wants nothing more than a happy ever after. When the man she loves denies her that dream and tries to discredit her, she faces an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, the ghosts of Marsden Hall begin to stir, and a restless spirit traps Louisa in its wake. For Marsden Hall has secrets of its own.

Will those secrets destroy her chance of happiness?

If you haven’t read the first novella in the series, now is a good time to get your copy of The Curse of Marsden Hall. It is available on Amazon for the same low price of $1.50AU/$1.06US.

Have a lovely weekend! xx