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Writing: Finding the Time.

Last year I made the fatal mistake of not getting any writing done because of my University studies.  This year, now that my studies are underway, I’m finding it difficult to get back into my own writing.  By not writing for so long, I am finding it difficult to get back my ‘mojo’.

The problem is twofold – that of switching from academic writing to imaginative writing, and managing the time.  Forcing the imaginative side of my brain doesn’t work, and I’ve found that only through relaxation and exercise does that side finally kick in.  Because my university studies require an awful lot of reading (for one subject alone this semester I am required to read seven novels), I tend to continue working late at night.  I find myself putting so much energy into my studies (even though I’m supposed to study part-time), simply because I want to get good marks.  I don’t want to be seen as a failure.  Unfortunately, this allows me to let myself down as a writer.  I’ve been finding it difficult to balance the two.

The old writing advice of ‘write 10-15 minutes every day’ is the only way around it.  It may not sound like much (and more would be an added bonus), yet it forces me to get into the habit of writing every day.  Breaking the writing down into smaller chunks of time, together with smaller writing projects would allow me to get back on track.

Next year I aim to take a year off studies to concentrate on writing.  Unfortunately, this may give me too much time to write, which could easily be squandered!  (Uh oh, looks like it’s either one or the other…).

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New to Writing? Start Small.

I  was never big on new years’ resolutions.  Whenever I made one, they usually never lasted longer than a couple of months, so why should 2010 be any different?

Looking over my accomplishments during 2009, although a busy year, it came as quite a shock to realise I had not written anything other than essays for my study.  I feel like a fraud in calling myself a writer.  My studies somehow managed to overtake my life during 2009.  The trouble was (as is always the case for me) the issue of time management.  Surely, I could have managed to squeeze some of my own writing in somehow?  It’s a question of priorities, and seeing in the New Year will also see in some changes.

Sometimes I rush right into things without considering the consequences.  Other times I take too long to come to any decision, and the opportunity is wasted.  This is my second attempt at University studies and I intend to make it to the end this time around.  At the same time, I have every intention of making it as a writer.

I know now that in order to see the big picture, I have to start small.  Things like writing poetry and short stories, editing and re-writing novel drafts, researching, and writing plot outlines are all small steps in the road to publication.  I have been published in smaller publications before.  It gives me hope and the will to keep going forward, one small step at a time.