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A Conference Call.

The Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) hold a conference every year and this year it will be held in Melbourne. In my efforts to make 2019 a year to step out of my comfort zone, I’ll be heading down to Melbourne in August to attend my first ever RWA conference.

A few weeks ago, when I saw that people had already started booking their accommodation and that places were filling quickly, I began to panic. I needed to book now if I was going to go. This was when my husband came to the rescue…well, more like making an executive decision. He could see that my nerves were making me waver in my decision to attend. ‘Right, that’s it then’, then said. ‘You’re going’. He made the booking without waiting for another word from me.

So, that was that then.

The trouble with comfort zones is that one becomes … well, comfortable. Nothing really ever changes and neither do we progress, which can make us stale and dare I say, boring. If I want to learn more about writing and meet other writers, sure I can do that online, but stepping out of the writing cave to do so can be a lot more fun. I guess part of my problem is that I have become accustomed to going everywhere with my husband and kids in tow – yeah, playing families. So, this will be the first time in about ten years that I will be going anywhere and doing something on my own. I’m excited, but nervous all at the same time, but I understand the conference organisers help make newbies feel welcome, so I know I’ll be in good hands.

To make the most of my time away, I’ll be staying for a few extra days outside of the conference to see some parts of Melbourne. There are some places I’d like to visit again (I haven’t been to Melbourne for a number of years) and new places I’d like to explore. And yes, you can guarantee I’ll be blogging about the whole adventure. 😉

Have you ever attended a writing conference? Do you have plans to try something different this year? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

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