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A Month in Blogs – September, 2015.


Spring has finally arrived! The days are getting warmer, the birds are going crazy, the flowers are out and the scent of pollen is in the air (not good for those of us who suffer from hay fever). This month, I’ve found some helpful blog posts with a bit of a ‘back to basics’ approach to writing and social media. Happy reading!

Rachelle Gardener

Create a Compelling Book Title

Rachel Amphlett at Molly Green: Writer

Why Change Your Book Cover Artwork?

Kristen Lamb

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Writing Career? & The Secret to a Powerful Author Brand

Anne R Allen at Anne R. Allen’s Blog (with Ruth Harris)

Beware Groupthink: 10 Red Flags to Watch For When Choosing a Critique Group & Does an Author Really Need a Blog? 10 Reasons a Blog May Help Your Career

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