Back to the 80s: C is for Cameo.

cameoWe’re going back to the 80s once again, and with this challenge, I’m finding that not only do I have to wrack my brains around band names, but which bands to feature. There are just so many good bands and music to chose from! This month, we dive into the letter C , and with my band of choice, we’re going to get funky. 😉

Cameo began with ten band members in the 1970s, under the band name of New York City Players (so it’s a good thing they decided to change their name). A soul influenced funk group, their first album, ‘Cardiac Arrest’, went gold and their music became popular on the dance floor. Their biggest hit, ‘Word Up’ was released in 1986 to critical acclaim. During the 1980s, they released up to nine albums, but during the early 1990s, members of the band began to go their separate ways. As of 2009, some of the original band members continue to perform.

What’s not to love about the clip for Word Up?  There’s LeVar Burton, better known as Geordi La Forge of Star Trek: Next Generation fame (yes, I’m a Trekkie). Then there is the policeman doing a strip tease, but seriously, you just can’t go past that bright red cod-piece!

Other bands formed or who had hits in the 1980s starting with the letter C include:- Culture Club, Crowded House, (The) Cure, Cold Chisel, Choir Boys, (The) Church, Cheap Trick, (The) Clash, (The) Cars, (The) Communards, Cutting Crew.

What other bands of the 1980s that begin with the letter C can you think of? What are some music video clips you enjoy watching?

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